Sunday, April 24, 2005

Scarbrough Faire 2005

This lady was dressed in red, loved the color and how the sun made it look fiery red. Unfortunately, the way the internet shows these pictures are not the true colors, so it looks somewhat dull. Oh, also, I added a vignette to the picture.

Had a wonderful time at Scarbrough Faire this Sunday, April 24. I went with one of the guys from the fStop group in Dallas. Jeff Banning. Wonderful fellow. We had fun talking and photographing, exchanged photography ideas and learned from each other. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Texas Pride Cup 2005

I have not posted much, but have been busy with other things. I went to the Texas Pride Cup 2005 Rugby tournament on April 9. I invited everyone from the fStop group in Dallas to join me, but it was a last minute thing, heck, I didn't know about it till two days prior, Thursday evening. But, I want to learn more about the different types of photography and would like to sharpen skills at it all. So, they missed out on some great shots.

There were three games:

Dallas Diablos vs Houston Roughnecks,
Houston Roughnecks vs Austin Lonestars
Dallas Diablos vs Austin Loanstars

Austin Won.

later... -L- Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 03, 2005

What happened...

Well, being ill is not one of my favorite things. Let me tell ya, when the bug hits ya, sometimes it gets you down. I had what I can only call the flu. It was not a good thing. But now I am ready to tackle some more photography. Hopefully, I'll have something to post tomorrow.